10 Short-Term Investment Stocks According to Mirae Asset

The best investments stcks that you should attempt


Stocks, Genial Mirae Asset adjusts portfolio for the week. (Image: Freepik) Mirae Asset made only one change in its recommended portfolio for the week of July 10th to 14th. The company states that the swap was done as part of a strategy to seek differentiated short-term returns.

The stock B3 (B3SA3) was replaced by Bradespar (BRAP4). The rest of the portfolio includes CSU Digital (CSUD3), Gerdau (GGBR4), Iochpe (MYPK3), Itaú (ITUB4), Petrobras (PETR4), Sinqia (SQIA3), Vale (VALE3), Cury (CURY3), and Minerva (BEEF3).

In the previous week, the standout performer in the Mirae portfolio was Gerdau, with a 0.4% increase. On the other hand, Iochpe had a negative performance with -0.3%. The selection outperformed the benchmark index, Ibovespa, with a return of 0.76% compared to IBOV's 0.69%.

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Here are Mirae's recommendations for this week:

Company Ticker Weight Bradespar BRAP4 10% Minerva BEEF3 10% Cury CURY3 10% Petrobras PETR4 10% Vale VALE3 10% Itaú ITUB4 10% Sinqia SQIA3 10% Iochpe-Maxion MYPK3 10% Gerdau GGBR4 10% CSU Digital CSUD3 10%.